Color bezel firing before actually green. Just at the beginning of the ceramic substrate green ring Cuisheng students, after the fire turns red. Then the red bezel chemically treated, half of which will eventually become the blue surface. Rolex developed after years of trial and trial and error, and finally sintered into red and blue color bezel, bold and brilliant colors, divided perfectly clear, impressive. Such a brilliant effect, in addition to the Rolex brand nobody can batch industrialized achieve this. So, after the blue-black color version of Greenwich type II only separated by just one year, blue and red color version GMTII on the heels. Obviously, Rolex has always wanted to promote a return to the red and blue color GMT bezel, and taking into account the color of the ceramic implementation complexity, I was deeply touched by their results.

It is easy to infer, black and blue color version is actually the road leading to the red and blue color version halfway product, but I think it might also just another style. When black and blue color version GMTII out, Rolex clearly know that it had demonstrated in previous works had red and blue color style. For them, this is the first to come up with the world's first two-color ceramic bezel, followed a year later, it launched the world's first two-tone red and blue ceramic bezel. In fact, this is the first commercially available red ceramic watches. In addition to the new red and blue color bezel, the new GMTII no new features. Still make the 40 mm table diameter, and production for 3186 Rolex automatic movement (by the COSC chronometer certification). This is a very popular design, and it is the same standard of Rolex Kelpie most popular Rolex sport watch.